How it works

Comfundme is a digital platform that facilitates the pooling of funds for myGroups and causes.

Comfundme allows you to create private group accounts such as alumni’s, church associations and social myGroups, granting every group member access to know the account balance for transparency and accountability.

Comfundme also allows you to create adashe/esusu/ajo (revolving contribution) myGroups so that you can save money with other people, colleagues and friends. Automatically debiting and crediting every group member at their individual turns.

Comfundme also has the fundraiser option that allows you create campaigns and raise funds for causes you care about such as the covid-19 pandemic, a sick person, a stranger whose story means much to you.

How to use ComFundMe

  • Once you log on to the website as a new visitor, click on the ‘create an account’ button
  • Fill in your details on the registration page
  • You will be redirected to the sign in page and receive a confirmatory email
  • Use your confirmed details to sign in
  • Once on your dashboard, you will see the following buttons

  • My Campaigns – Select ‘My Campaigns’ if you want to create a campaign a fundraiser and also if you want to view fundraisers you have created.
    To share the link for the campaign you have created, click ‘view’ button under the action column and you will see a share link button

    Collections – Select ‘collections’ to see the amount you have raised from your campaigns.

    My Donations – select ‘my donations’ to see the amount you have donated and to what causes.

    My Groups – Select ‘My myGroups’ to create private myGroups for either Adashe (revolving contribution) or associations. You can also view myGroups you belong to under ‘my myGroups’.

    Once you have created a group, you can invite new members by clicking on the invite button under the ‘action’ column. You can invite via mail, whatsapp, facebook, or just copy the link to share on other platforms.

    For the adashe option, Once you have invited your circle and they have accepted the invite, Under ‘Group Settings’ you can schedule the debit amount, member turn and the frequency of the contribution.


    Comfundme has a flexible pricing for each of the services (campaigns, group collections and Adashe)


    Contributors bear payment charges.
    Organiser is charged 3% per withdrawal [uncapped]


    Contributors bear payment charges.
    Group Pays 1.5% per sweep capped @ #2,000 [if done weekly]
    Group Pays 1% per sweep capped @ #1,500 [if done monthly]


    Contributors bear payment charges.
    Recipient is charged 1.5% per capped @ #2,000 for amounts below #500,000
    Recipient is charged a flat fee of #5,000 for amounts above #500,000

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