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Project ACT NOW!!! Restoring the Benue River. Project ACT NOW is an initiative of the Benue Hike Tourism and Conservation Foundation, a non-profit organization registered with CAC. The Benue River is a host to a robust Marine Life - animals and plants; a major source of livelihood for those living along it banks; a great source for recreation; and is responsible for many civilizations. However, in the last couple of years, the pollution on the Benue River has aggravated. This is directly linked majorly to the poor sanitation and waste management systems in the Makurdi metropolis, as well as the industrialization along the river bank. Consequently, marine life is fast disappearing from the river, the water is becoming unsafe to use, and the pollution has the capacity to affect even agricultural produce farmed along the river bank. To contribute to actions aimed to address this, the Foundation has begun: 1.conversations with the fishermen to address harmful fishing practices; 2. escalating awareness on the implications of dumping waste in the river; 3. work with the sanitation agencies, other NGOs to prevent further dumping of refuse in the river; 4. advocacy to government MDA to leave up to their responsibility on waste management; 5. cleaning up the river by deploying relevant technology and volunteers; 6. in future, kick off a Catch-them-Young project which will educate young people about the river through comics, excursions, stories, and projects; 7. plan to have thriving tourism activities around the river; 8. building partnership to sustain the project. Donations will be channeled towards: 1. Producing a documentary titled "When Tomorrow Comes"; 2. local Fabrication of a mowing boat to clean and evacuate waste from the river; 3. purchase and deployment of drag nets to create barriers to prevent further pollution; 4. hiring of trucks to evacuate waste; 5. hiring of space for junkyard where sorting will be done; 6. purchase of waste and trash bins; 7. Personal Protective equipments; 8. sweep nets for removing trash; 9. bar Code Scanners; 10. production and Airing of Radio jingles, and other publicity materials. A donation to this cause is a donation to support nature and save humanity.

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